For those only interested in books and the written word, the Ruff! Guide to Space Opera Books is a cut down version of the Ruff! Guide to Space Opera that only talks about prose.

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Ruff! Guide to Space Opera - Leigh Reynolds

The Ruff! Guide to Space Opera is a comprehensive guide to the large scale and romantic outer space adventures in all media. Movies, television, games, animation, comics, role-playing games, books, stories, computer games and more. Let Ruff help you develop your fascination with fast spaceships roaming the deep void, sword swinging raygun duels on other planets, aliens and the conflicts of Galactic Empires. From the planetary romances of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Leigh Brackett, past Larry Niven and Joe Haldeman to the brilliant New Space Opera of Iain Banks, Alastair Reynolds and Neal Asher. Find visual feasts from Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers via Blake’s 7, Dune, Babylon 5, Cowboy Bebop, Dead Space and Farscape to Star Trek, Star Wars and Avatar and beyond. Discover groundbreaking comics from DC, Marvel and others like the Omega Men, Dreadstar and Starslayer along with old favourites. Ruff will not let you put a paw wrong in your quests through hyperspace and ancient Martian landscapes.

Includes an extensive chronological timeline and reader guide.

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